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Top 7 Common SEO Mistakes That People Making In 2016

By webmaster - July 24, 2016 No Comments

Do You Make Any of These 7 Simple SEO Mistakes ?

There's a lot of buzz about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and many businesses are looking at ways to increase their website visibility with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).
I am going to show you 7 “SEO mistakes" that holding back people from their success. Before you start doing SEO optimization for your site or for your client sites it is important for you to read about SEO mistakes in 2016.

 If you have made the investment in an SEO program for your business site, you'll want to make certain that you're not making any of these SEO optimization mistakes:

1. No SEO strategy. How will you know you're reaching your SEO marketing goals if there's no plan ? SEO can easily become a waste of time and money when there is no strategy or action plan. A clear solid strategy helps ensure that all your online efforts work together to rank your site in first page.

2. Social media marketing. You need to post a good helpful and relevant content to keep your fans and followers coming back to your page and sharing your posts.

3. keyword stuffing penalty. Google penalizes websites that load their pages and meta tags with keywords or numbers. According to Google experts, this includes cities, zip codes, and phone numbers. Not only will it not boost your SEO, it will hurt it.

4. Inadequate keyword research. you cannot predict how users search for the products or services in your site content. There are a lot of keyword research tools online; you should use them.

5. bad building links strategy Using poor quality or broken links (includes spammy links). Low quality links don't serve any useful purpose to search engine users, and this flies in the face of the user experience Google wants for them. It's viewed by Google as manipulation of search results and negatively impacts SEO. In addition, buying or selling links is a direct violation of Google's Webmaster Guidelines.

6. Publishing Too Often: Google has stopped favoring sites that update too often content. it means, publishing too often may penalize your Google site ranking. It is very strange that many seo experts or “SEO Gurus” still recommends writing content too often.

7. Focusing Too Much On On-Page SEO: Probably you already know what is On-page SEO optimization? I don’t want to waste your time in explaining On-page SEO optimization. For exemple There is many WordPress Plugins that can help you optimize your page but focusing too much on On-page SEO is one of the biggest mistakes that people are making in this 2016 world of SEO. On-Page is important but. If you want to rank your site the first page on Google you have to hard working on a good quality link building and relevant content.

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