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Is There a Good Traffic Sources For Clickbank Products ?

By webmaster - April 10, 2016 No Comments

You need a huge amount of traffic to succeed on the internet marketing. once you have a lot of traffic visitors, than you will slowly see a lot of sales commissions coming in on a daily basis. But for most new online clickbank affiliates, the only concept of getting traffic is pay per click marketing.

Pay per click (PPC) is good, but what will you do if your return of investment is not enough? Pay per click is very addictive because of all the targeted traffic that you can get from this lucrative source alone. If you can profit on each sale that you make, or at least break even... then maybe you should keep doing PPC since you're acquiring a customer virtually for free. And as we all know, 80% of your total business profits will come from sales on the backend (selling to your existing customers).

But if PPC doesn't get results for you, then you will need to try free advertising marketing techniques. And sometimes... "free marketing advertising" can be extremely effective for your online business... even MORE effective than the paid advertising. So what are these traffic methods that you could be doing that can work out better than PPC? Well, this is what we will focus on. Here's the first free marketing tactic that you can use to improve your sales and profits.

Blog Marketing: Blog is an online journal which you can update on regular basis. You need a blogging platform like Wordpress or Blogger etc and you can publish at their site or host on your own. Blogs are immensely popular with marketers and are very much loved by search engines. A must for your business.

Forum Marketing: Forum is a place where people gather and discuss their problems, strategies etc. There are many forums on the web that you can join and participate in discussion. Most of the forums allow a link back to your website in your signature text which would appear below the post you make. Again a good traffic builder.

For me If you want good traffic for your website, you need to set up a blog in your niche and make it seo friendly. Create relevant and unique contents then promote your site but don't spam. Use good keywords for your products before creating campaigns and view your competitors on what they are doing.

As i said in the begin of this article you need a lot of hard working to get good results and only a good content and good seo optimization can bring you targeted traffic and sales.

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