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How to Dominate Small Niches Using Search Engine Optimization

By webmaster - April 08, 2016 No Comments

Search engine optimization is all techniques about optimizing your website search engine rankings.
This involves both on-page and off-page optimization methods but it can take several months or years before you start seeing you website rankign in the top results of search engines.
The process is a lot quicker, however, and potentially a lot more profitable if you target smaller niches or low competitive keywords.
It's not very hard to dominate these small niches. It all comes down to the same tried and tested techniques, the most important of which is getting plenty of good quality backlinks to your site.
These backlinks should contain all keywords that you want to rank for.
Start off with the long-tail keywords because it's very easy and quicly to rank for, and then once you get good traffic results from these long-tail keywords, you should start to optimize your website for the more competitive keywords.
There are many different ways you can obtain good quality backlinks. You can get backlinks by simply exchanging links with other websites, try to exchange with website havinr relation with your niche content.
Posting on forums in your niche with a link to your site in the sig file (if this is allowed), leave comments on other blogs, write good articles and submit them to article directories and ezine publishers, submit your website to directories and bookmark your best content pages on the various social bookmarking sites.
All of these techniques work well and you should try to use as many as you can so the link building strategy looks completely natural.
You should think that once you have a good number of backlinks, ranking your website highly in small niches isn't really difficult. However this is not one way to search engine domination in these smaller niches.
The good strategy is to rank highly for one website and then do the same process for multiple websites within the same niche. After all if you can rank highly for one site, why can't you rank highly for other websites as well?
If you have one website on the first Google page results that's great, but think how much traffic or visitors you would receive if every different search result was one of your high ranking websites.
This may sound difficult but it is actually quite easy to dominate a small untapped niches. Cost needn't be an issue either because you can always use the free site providers such as Squidoo, Blogger and Hubpages to build up your portfolio and if you interlink them, then you could easily find yourself dominating your small niche.

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